7 Tips for Getting the Most Accurate Auto Insurance Quotes

Online quotes will help you save a lot of money, but only if you know how to use them. Below, we present you a list with 7 tips for getting the most accurate auto insurance quotes:

  • free car insurance quotes onlineFind a website that provides an extensive form. Generally, when you offer more info, you will get more accurate quotes. The only condition is that the info is real; otherwise results will be astronomically high or very low.
  • Know your car better. We do not say you must turn into an auto-mechanic and know all its parts, but you must at least provide basic info and a short description of your car.  All forms ask about the type of car (SUV, family car, sports car, limo, armored vehicle and so on).
  • Specify if your car is equipped with extra safety devices. Having parking sensors, tracking sensors, anti-collision sensors and anti-theft devices demonstrates that you want to protect your car and you invest a lot of money in that. Typically companies lower the rates for drivers that use these types of devices.
  • Specify if you have graduated defensive driving courses. Graduating this sort of courses will make the insurer have more trust in you, and of course, offer better prices on auto insurance. Having a diploma on defensive driving proves that you have enough skills to drive carefully and prevent accidents.
  • Carefully select the coverage. After all, the policy itself plays a major role. If you require a higher coverage, the company will ask for pricier premiums. Carefully calculate your budget. Use quotes for the same policy and from the same provider, while changing the coverage amount. Compare prices.
  • Ask for discounts if you combine policies. Buying more policies from the same insurer should allow you to ask for a temporary discount or even a permanent one. Of course, each company has its own policy and you should ask before purchasing.
  • Mention all driving incidents. You will be asked to bring the necessary record when the negotiations will take place. If you have criminal records, especially DUI, the price will be totally different from the one obtained via a DUI-free quote.

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