Best Ways To Get Car Insurance Discounts

Drivers who purchase auto insurance online are usually concerned about the increasing costs of coverage. And since all predictions estimate that the costs will keep rising in 2018, saving some money on car insurance has become a priority for many. Getting discounts will help lower and keep costs under control. Find out the best ways to get car insurance discount:

  1. toyota-prius-2016Bundling policies from the same carrier is probably the single biggest way to get a price break. Car and home insurance packaged together is exactly the type of business many insurance carriers look for and they will strive to obtain it. Some companies offer a discount as high as 20 percent. It is quite uncommon for a client to obtain cheaper insurance by separating their car and home insurance through different carriers. If you own a home, always try to find an insurance carrier that bundles both policies together.
  2. A multi vehicle discountis also a major a money saver. Your overall rate is typically higher when you own two vehicles verse one, but per vehicle you are paying a cheaper rate compared to insuring the vehicles individually. For example, if you own two vehicles and are paying $400 for one and $400 for the other, your rate could go up to $500-$600 if you get a multi-vehicle plan.
  3. Having an excellent credit score is important. In states where it is allowed, credit score is a really influential factor. The difference between the top score and the bottom score can mean a difference of hundreds of dollars each year. Insurance companies have done extensive studies which prove a direct correlation between low credit scores and high claim activity. They reward good credit scores with a financial stability discount in hopes of low claim activity.
  4. Good Driver Discountusually applies to drivers that have not had an accident or ticket in the past three to five years. Also, the good driver discount is usually applied per driver. So every driver in the household could potentially receive this discount greatly helping to reduce the insurance cost.

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